Image of Sam Draisey - 'As I Live and Breathe' Album (CD)

Sam Draisey - 'As I Live and Breathe' Album (CD)

by Sam Draisey


‘Wolverhampton singer/songwriter Sam Draisey releases the ‘As I Live and Breathe’ album. Fifteen songs strong, a long time coming but very worthwhile and tunes like ‘Five Years Later’ totally explain what Sam stands for. If you are expecting traditional folk then be careful what you wish for, as you’ve not only got that sound but imagine the voice of a hardened Paul Simon blended with Damien Rice roasted in the political attitude or lyrical magnetism of artists like Billy Bragg. Highlights are ‘The Worst Lie of All’ for its observations of equality, ‘Used to be my Hero’ with its superb character assassination and grit, the delicate ‘The Day That I Was Meant to Die’ which with a title like that isn’t quite what you expect to hear as it’s beautiful, there’s ‘Let’s Not Grow Old’ a wonderful nostalgic mind road trip and ‘Turning You Down’ with its attention and personal insight into missing someone mixed with a little anger. Hey, this is a real passionate guy, sometimes he shouts, sometimes he whispers but this is deep and absolutely mesmerising from start to finish.’

Nick J. Townsend, Ryan’s Gig Guide

1. Roots: 3:26
2. We've Got Time: 3:06
3. Don't Forget: 3:47
4. Scarecrows: 3:50
5. The Worst Lie of All: 4:57
6. Five Years Later: 5:58
7. I Can't Pretend: 3:10
8. Settle for Silver: 4:38
9. Used to be my Hero: 3:11
10. Let's Not Grow Old: 3:57
11. I Won't Ask Why: 4:48
12. Black & Blue: 2:18
13. The Day That I Was Meant to Die: 4:43
14. Turning You Down: 5:41
15. Me & You: 2:47